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I am proud to be a Co-Author and the Official Sponsor of Chocolate and Diamonds for the Womans Soul, published by Carla Wynn Hall and Hot Pink Publishing.

Women from around the globe, a sisterhood of International Authors from the United States, Australia, Canada, England, Germany and South Africa, who have joined together to create ONE powerful global voice, each with their own personal story. Stories that are sure to, warm the heart and touch the soul. Stories that connect women together, inspire and empower each of us to rise above our own personal challenges, to reach out to others through those stories, to help heal the hurts. “Reaching out is Reaching in”, Jeanne A Dexter.

My story “Finding JiJi” is about losing little pieces of your self with every trauma and crisis life sometimes brings, divorce, anger, death, cancer and even suicide. It’s about trying to hold on to whom you are, remember who you are, your core identity and still find joy and the ability to share that joy with other’s. It is how I have taken those “hurts” and created a Company, called The Talking Jar Series Inc, to give myself, my family and other’s a voice, build lasting relationships and yes, even heal the hurts.

Please share these powerful stories with other women, your friends and family, by purchasing your digital copy through Amazon kindle for only .99 on September 13th. Use the link above to quickly purchase the pre-order. After September 13th, the link will still work as a direct purchase option.

You will only be enlightened. 

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The Talking Jars Educational Program for schools creates SAFE TALK and a SAFE  SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT!

This App is Bi-Lingual, English & Spanish!

At The Talking Jar Series Inc., we believe that the solution to ending Bullying and empowering our students begins with education through conversation. 

The Talking Jar Series Program creates dialogue where there is none, through our App that allow safe talk for everyone. 

We will never solve the problem until our students find their voices.


Contact Us to request a live demonstration & information.   

Individual subscriptions are available for Parents, Teachers, Counselors, Home Schools, Private and Charter Schools at very affordable rates. (Yearly subscriptions include NO UPDATE FEES).


Our Bi-Lingual App for Schools, by The Talking Jar Series Inc. now has the "On Screen" feature for schools that do not have or permit devices in the classroom.


  • USER GUIDE-         How to use the App.

  • RESOURCES - Fully customizable with instant links to National, State and/or Local Web published sources. (School Sites, Handbooks, and Policies, etc…)
  • PICK A CARD- Our interactive “Game” that has students offering their answers to pre-designed questions. Answers can be used for group discussions and daily reinforcement. This also encourages proper writing skills and grammar.
  • JOURNAL- Allows every student a private section to note events, reminders, assignments, and just about anything they wish to keep for memories. (Account and Password protected for safety.)
  • REPORT- For all students to have a safe and anonymous method to help protect others or themselves with pictures, videos and text only messages, directly to your staff. (Includes GPS tracking and Google Maps integration for emergencies.)
  • Opens Dialogue through our Pick-A-Card Game.

  • Improves individual quality of life & harmonious school climate. Teaches invaluable life skills’.

  • Builds Character, Restores Confidence & Fosters Empathy through finding common ground and understanding differences.

  • Builds Critical Thinking and Reasoning Skills.

  • Builds Group and Team relations.

  • Allows for early intervention and support.

  • Aids in Identifying strengths and weaknesses, trends and hot spots.

  • Provides needed resources custom to your district and/or school.

  • Security tool which includes emails and text mesages to alert Administration and Push Notifications to devices from Administration. (Special feature here!)

  • Collects Administrative Data and Reports.